Ways to obtain Private money loans

Offers money from private sources with only one condition

Offers money from private sources with only one condition

There are different ways of obtaining private money loans when the budget itself is not enough for expenses and debts. Some are more flexible than others, that is, they have fewer restrictions for the client. Next we will talk about an alternative that offers money from private sources with only one condition: having a debt-free home as a guarantee.

Private money loans are mortgage-type loans in which an investor grants money to an individual in need of liquidity, at a variable interest rate. “They have two great attractions compared to traditional options: first, they are managed much faster, since the process is done online. Secondly, they are friendly with the client’s financial situation, because they can be requested while unemployed, without payroll, appearing in a debtor file, in RAI or Financial Credit Institution ”.

How much can you get with private money credits

How much can you get with private money credits

Indeed, none of this hinders access to private money loans, as long as the property deed is owned, either in the name of the client, or that of a friend or family member. Investors authorize a sum from 6,000 USD onwards, which can reach up to 20% of the market price of the property or 150,000 USD. Of course, APRs must be paid, but they do not depend on the Bank of Spain: they vary depending on the characteristics of the debt.

What cancellation deadlines are allowed? Private money loans can be repaid in a period of time ranging from 1 to 15 years inclusive. From the second year of payment, it is possible to request new installments with 0.25% amortization cost. It is good to note that the operation and its terms are recorded in a loan contract. The document is signed before a certified professional and at a notary’s office in the same city as the consumer.

Deadlines for private money loans

Deadlines for private money loans

On the other hand, it is not a minor fact that it is an absolutely confidential operation, which remains between the private lender and the client. Just as it does not review the client’s payroll or credit history, the investor does not need to know what the capital is for.

This type of credit is easy and fast, in a sense much more than those offered by banks, but that does not mean that it has to be illegal or that you have to expect unpleasant surprises. Private money loans are an alternative way of financing to the usual ones, simply with fewer papers, waiting and demands than usual.

Payday Loans

How much can I borrow for a payday loan?

The maximum amount of payday loans you can borrow is determined by your debt ratio and your borrowing capacity. To avoid over-indebtedness, your total debt should not exceed a third of your stable income.

Calculation of the monthly payment for a payday loan

Calculation of the monthly payment for a payday loan

The ease with which a payday loan application can be made because no proof of capital use is required is more than tempting for many borrowers. It is important to ensure that this high accessibility does not lead to excessive debt.

That is why it is important to determine the monthly payments before making a commitment. The calculation takes into account your expenses (current credits, invoices, daily expenses …) And your income (financial resources, wages, pensions …). In belgium, the amount of a payday loan varies between $ 2,500 and $ 70,000, depending on the financial situation and the repayment capacity of each person.

Taking into account the costs

Taking into account the costs

Before deciding how much to borrow, it is important to assess the cost. A revision of the amount you intend to claim may be necessary after the calculation of the interest and administrative costs. First, try to negotiate the apr and repayment term, then determine the amount of your payday loan based on that. In belgium, the apr can range from 3.99% to 15% of the amount allocated, so consider using our personal credit comparison in belgium. It would therefore be smart to compare different offers to avoid missing the best rate on the market.

Do an online evaluation

Do an online evaluation

If you want to know how much payday loan you can borrow from different credit institutions, use the quick and easy online simulator. This solution gives you accurate information about your personal credit and in particular about the limit to which you are entitled.

The virtual tool first determines your debt ratio by taking the monthly average of what you owe to your creditors.

Then you have to choose between different rates, selected from the best on the market. After analyzing this relevant information, you will be informed of the specific amount of a credit that you can repay. The accuracy of an online simulator prevents you from taking out a loan that can lead to over-indebtedness, since all parameters are taken into account.

The payday loan, why?

The payday loan, why?

The amount of a payday loan depends on how you plan to use it. It is an unlimited allocation and is generally used in case of unforeseen expenses. It is the ideal solution if you do not want to meet your budget to finance your holiday or if you have trouble paying your bills.

Some people use it to budget for baptisms, birthdays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings…. In any case, after the monthly payments of your payday loan, you must have enough money left over for your expenses (insurance, rent, food, transport …).

8 things you need to know before taking out a loan

Getting extra cash in a pinch can be useful in many people’s financial lives. It is difficult to predict, for example, when the car may break down, the renovation of the house does not move, unexpected medical expenses arise, the monthly payment of the child’s school is up. delayed or the life of the credit card keeps growing. At these times, ads like: “Personal loan now!”, “Easy money and no bureaucracy!” they appear as quick and simple options to get out of trouble.

But You need to be cautious when taking out a loan, as one misstep can cause a lot of headaches. The possibility of having extra money falling into your account tempting, but it’s not worth taking out a loan, for example, to buy something superfluous, like a new cell phone., If you have expensive debts (credit card and overdraft), exchange for a cheaper one, such as personal credit, a good option.

Know how to identify if you Do you really need an extra credit It is important not to curl up later, when paying the installments. The situations that we are able to resolve only by turning off the spending tap and avoiding paying interest unnecessarily.


Map your expenses

Map expenses

Evaluate your expenses and see where you can cut expenses. Even if you can’t save enough to solve your situation, need what about money at the end of the month to pay off the loan. See if you can not reduce the amount of trips to restaurants or buy products from cheaper brands on the market, two expenses that weigh heavily on the Brazilian budget today. Do the financial control It is essential not to fail to pay some installment and end up indebted even more.


Assess the goal of taking out a loan


Identify the reason you need the money. It is essential to be clear about the real need for credit. Using it to buy a car, pay for travel or have more money to shop, which is not planned can put you in an even more complicated financial situation. In the case of renegotiation of overdraft or credit card debt, a power loan lower interest rates to less than half. Also Is it acceptable to use the money for unforeseen events related to family health, for example, or to undertake or do that reform in your property putting it off for a long time. But It is essential that planning is done to pay off life.


Analyze whether the loan is the best way out

loan is the best way out

Take a loan really necessary or Is it possible to get the desired amount while saving for some time If the answer is yes, it is advisable to collect the necessary money and do not take the loan, avoiding paying interest unnecessarily. Good Lenders Credit can help you save: read our post 50 tips to learn how to save money Borrowing money from relatives and friends a good way out, however, one should be aware that money owes be returned in the same way as to a financial institution. 


Research options before taking out a loan


The tip the same for when you going to buy some goods: do some research before going out to hire a credit. In addition to talking to your bank manager to find out what they can offer you, also search the market, in competing banks, finance companies and now also credit over the internet. Because they have leaner operations, institutions that offer an online loan are able to offer cheaper interest rates and still facilitate the contracting process. Good Lenders Credit compared 6 credit options online, see here. If you have any restrictions in your name or already have other loans, it is likely that you will be presented with higher interest rates. In Good Lenders Credit It is possible to consult your CPF situation free of charge. And be careful when choosing the financial institution were to take a loan, as there are many shell companies that take advantage of this type of situation for scams. Search the internet for references and acquaintances before closing a contract.


Plan the payment

loan payment

Before entering a debt, keep in mind how to exit her. A loan cannot become a debt with which you don’t get to honor it. It is important to note that the value of the installments to be paid monthly does not exceed 15% of your monthly income. Be cautious when accepting proposals of gentle benefits, as they are usually many! important are you always consider the “Total Effective Cost (CET), which includes all costs related to the loan, such as interest and taxes.” Also pay attention to the contract and charges such as a fine and permanence fee, in case of delay in payment of installments. Also check if other big costs will arise, such as a child’s college or the purchase of a property, for example. Do not forget that unforeseen events can also occur,


Read the contract

loan contract

Unfortunately, most people are not in the habit of reading loan agreements. However, reading the document fundamental (and mandatory) so that there are no surprises along the way, such as maintenance fees, price adjustments, possibility of cancellation only by paying fines, among other things.


Collect the necessary documents

loan documents

In general, the financial institutions request the following documents for the realization of the loan: CPF, RG, proof of address and proof of income. These documents may vary according to the requests of each institution, but they are all relatively easy to obtain. Financial institutions that offer credit online tend to be less bureaucratic and faster in the process of releasing money.


Deliver your documents and wait

Deliver your documents and wait

After choosing the financial or bank that offers the best credit solution for your need, s deliver all requested documents and wait. But beware: handing over the documents and not having restrictions on the CPF is not it guarantee that the loan will be released. Each company has its approval policy, which may include payment history, disposable income, economic profile and the existence of other loans. For this reason, do not make loans by relying on the loan money before having a return from the financial institution. 

Overview of obtaining a loan even with existing financial obligations

There may be a need for a loan for various reasons and at different times during your life. When you are young, you may need extra money to pay for college tuition or support yourself while studying. Later, it could be the washing machine or the car that decided to break down at the worst possible time. There may be an opportunity for your dream trip and tickets are on sale for a very good price – the list is endless.

Situations where you need a little financial help from sources other than your own salary occur more than once in your life. So one of the most common questions asked by people applying for a loan is “Can I get a personal loan if I have debts?” or “Can I apply for a loan online if I already have other financial obligations?”

Can I take a loan when I am in debt?

Can I take a loan when I am in debt?

The answer to that question is not “yes” or “no”. It all depends on the individual case. There are definitely loans for indebted people, but let’s take a closer look.

There are certainly some cases where taking out a new loan is not a wise thing to do. For example, if you are facing serious difficulties in paying the installments. In that case, you should contact your loan provider and discuss a more suitable schedule and payment amount. Always assess your financial obligations realistically. How much you can still get and pay over time. There are many companies that will grant a personal loan to people in debt, but you will need to calculate whether you can handle the extra amount.

If you continue to neglect your payments, your data may be forwarded to a debt collection agency. If so, you are likely to have difficulties applying for loans in the future. Most financial institutions carry out regular background checks before confirming your application – and this applies both to applying for a personal loan and applying for a bank loan.

Some people with many smaller loans realize that it is wiser and more convenient to consolidate them. That means taking out a single larger loan to pay off the smaller ones. This will be easier to deal with and probably also save money on interest. Therefore, in that case, the person will not increase his debt, but he may be better off than before.

When applying for a loan – any loan, be it an online loan, a home loan or a student loan – it is important to have a clean credit history. Even if you don’t need financial help right now, life is long and your need may arise in the future.

This does not just mean that you must pay your loans on time to maintain a good credit score. There are situations that you may not even notice, but that can easily hurt your credit score.

How to keep your credit score clean?

In addition to paying off your loans before the due date, also keep the following factors in mind:

  • When moving out of a rented apartment, cancel all contracts that are in your name. Electricity, internet, water, telephone, etc. If the bills continue to arrive in your name, but the new tenant does not pay, you will be responsible.
  • There is no problem with a late payment from time to time or a credit card that is depleted from time to time, but don’t make it a habit. In the long run, this is a factor that financial institutions will consider.
  • A library or traffic ticket that you forgot to pay seems like a small amount, but they can affect your credit history.

Think of the credit score as your financial reputation – once it is damaged, it is very difficult to turn back to how it was before.

Can I get a loan if I already have financial obligations?

Can I get a loan if I already have financial obligations?

Lender does not check your financial history, as it is the intermediary between you and the financial institution that provides the loan.

Lender works with the best and most trusted creditors on the market. Our mission is to guarantee a solution for all the financial needs that our customers may have and to do so efficiently and quickly.

Our application process is simple. As a first step, you need to register an account. After that, you will have to fill out a simple form with your basic information. Lender will want to know your name, identity number, email address and phone number, for example. Once you’ve provided them, choose the amount of money you need and how long you need it.

After the order is sent, the money will appear in your account in a short time.

Borrowing money online


Are you carefully planning your expenses? But there are situations when it is simply impossible to predict all the money expenses and money may be required at the most unexpected moment. For example, your household appliances have broken down, and you won’t live without a refrigerator or a washing machine. Or the birthday of a loved one is approaching and you have not calculated with a gift.

It’s not always possible to borrow money from relatives or friends. But do not carry the same valuables from home to the pawnshop, especially if the amount needed is small. You can always borrow money online.

Why is borrowing money online faster than at a bank?

Why is borrowing money online faster than at a bank?

We are used to the fact that for large sums it is worth contacting the bank, but if you need not so much money and urgently? Unlike banks, MFI will lend money online quickly without any questions. In order to get money on a loan from a bank, you need to collect a certain set of documents, among which: a certificate of official employment, the movement of money in accounts, may be asked to provide a guarantor.

How and where to get money for a loan through the Internet?

How and where to get money for a loan through the Internet?

In order to get money on a loan on the Internet, you don’t even need to leave home. An application for money in a loan is drawn up via the Internet. What is needed for this?

  1. Go to the official website and register your personal account.
  2. Fill out a simple form for the provision of money via the Internet.

In the questionnaire you indicate the data of your internal passport and the identification code number.

Only 15 minutes will pass, the manager will contact you to clarify the loan application via the Internet. Getting money for a passport loan online is simple, fast.

Advantages of a loan of money through the Internet on a passport

Advantages of a loan of money through the Internet on a passport

  • Minimum documents. In order to borrow money on the Internet, you only need a passport of a citizen and an identification code. There is no need to collect a folder from documents confirming your solvency.
  • Loan fast. No need to wait a week for the bank to consider the application and decide to give you money on loan or not. Only a passport, an identification code and your application form makes a decision on lending. The whole process of issuing an online loan takes no more than 15 minutes.
  • Loan money on the card. Filling out the form, you indicate which bank card you want to receive money for a loan. This can be an ordinary bank card or the one on which a scholarship, salary or pension is accrued.
  • No hidden fees. Taking money in a loan, you can be sure that the amount with interest, which is indicated initially, will not change. Everything is transparent, there are no hidden interests that can be charged.
  • Determine the amount and term of the loan. The site has a convenient percentage calculator that allows you to independently calculate the amount you want to take and the lending period.
  • Up to 3000 dollars at the first appeal. If you are applying for the first time, then you can borrow up to 3000 dollars through the Internet. With repeated calls, the amount can be increased, and interest, on the contrary, is reduced.
  • Loan extension. If you do not have time to repay the loan on time, then simply extend its validity period in your personal account. The extension process will take about three minutes.

Now you know how and where to borrow money on a passport via the Internet. Everything is simple, fast, transparent. You don’t have to worry that the money will run out and you will have to carry your favorite things to the pawnshop. We will not ask why you need money. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a senior citizen, unemployed, We will not require a certificate confirming your solvency and will give a loan with a passport.

How to get a passport loan online?


Anyone can need extra money, regardless of their social status. No matter how carefully you calculate your expenses, unforeseen situations can always arise when you need money and your bills are at zero. Suddenly a broken refrigerator, the wedding of friends, the purchase of medicines – no one is safe from this. So what to do, where to get the money? Just remember your friends and pawnshops.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to borrow from relatives or friends, and it is too risky to carry expensive things to a pawnshop, because there is no guarantee that you can buy them. So how to get money quickly and safely? You can always apply for a loan online with your passport.

Get a passport loan at the bank

Get a passport loan at the bank

The option at first glance is profitable, but there are significant disadvantages. When funds are needed quickly – a bank loan is not the most suitable option. There are several reasons for this:

  • List of documents. You must prove your solvency to the bank. How to do it? Collect a package of documents, which includes a certificate from the official place of work, a bank statement, the availability of a guarantor. If your income is minimal or you are not officially employed at all, then the chances of taking a loan are practically nullified.
  • Long. After completing the application, a week may pass before the ready decision. The bank takes a long time to process your passport application. If you need to take money urgently, then this option is not the most profitable.

Get a passport loan

Get a passport loan

We know how important it is to get a loan with a passport here and now. It is not always possible to wait for a bank decision for a week, sometimes the bill goes by the clock. Obtaining a passport loan is simple, fast and safe.

  • Get a loan online. In order to apply for a passport loan without leaving your home, you only need an Internet connection. Register your personal account on the website. You need to fill out a short form in which only the passport and identification code are indicated from the documents. To take money with a passport you must be a citizen and you must be 18 years old. You can get funds with your passport in just 15 minutes. If necessary, a manager will contact you to clarify the details on the application. Only 15 minutes will pass and a decision will be made.
  • No inquiries. In order to apply for a loan you do not need to collect documents that confirm solvency, and guarantors are not needed. The cache does not ask unnecessary questions, it does not matter if you officially work or not. The cache will allow retirees, students or the unemployed to receive money.
  • Credit on the passport to the card. You can receive funds on a bank card, which is indicated in the questionnaire. This can be a credit, debit, retirement, salary or student card.
  • Determination of the amount and term of the loan according to the passport. Only you decide how much you want to borrow on your passport. The site has a simple calculator, with which you can calculate how much you need to pay off if you take a certain amount for a specific period. There are no hidden fees and charges. The first time you contact the Cache, you can take up to 3,000 dollars, with the second appeal, the loan amount can be increased, and the interest rate is reduced.
  • Prolongation. If you see that you do not have time to repay the loan on time, then do not rush to panic, we understand that situations can be different. Just go to your personal account and find the option to renew.

As you can see, getting money with a passport is simple, fast and safe. No need to worry that you suddenly find yourself without funds, because the cache is always ready to help.

Safe Loan: 3 Tips for Choosing the Most Reliable

Security when acquiring a credit is the best option for not having a headache.

Looking for a secure, low-interest loan? Lender has the solution that fits in your pocket. Acting as a credit intermediary, through the service, you will have the facility to simulate a loan amount online, using computers, cell phones, tablets. So you can get out of default

Loan to pay debts

Loan to pay debts

A ghost that haunts the population is well known: credit card bills. In order to promote financial stability, lender directs the best deal for you to get the ideal credit and pay off debts.

The people will have the opportunity to simulate loans and escape the dirty name with just one tool: internet access. As soon as you request the negotiation, lender will contact financial institutions for free and direct the most advantageous contracts to the client.

Simulate online loan securely

Simulate online loan securely

In order not to fall for scams and take the name of the default, you can define the amount you want to borrow and the period you want to pay. The process for resolving the online loan for negatives will require filling in personal data such as: full name, identity, e-mail and cell phone number.

The amount released by lender is up to $ 50,000 and the minimum $ 200.00, our member can pay in a period of up to 2 to 6 months. After defining the loan amount, our team also shows how much interest and fees will be charged on the concession.

How to choose the best personal loan?

How to choose the best personal loan?

The secured online loan can be purchased in a few hours.

Do you want to pay off your debts and credit card debt, but run away from abusive interest rates? Then you will have to evaluate all the services offered to settle debts and compare the best opportunities.

The loan application can be made for a number of reasons, be it vehicle financing, home ownership, business opening or debts. Thinking of facilitating access to secure and fast credits, the credit intermediary Lender has several operators available to meet your request. If your application is approved you will have access to the loan without bureaucracy and the amount deposited in a bank account quickly.

Financial loans: discover 5 types and their advantages

When does an unforeseen event arises or when money insufficient to buy? what you need an option asks for a financial loan. There are more and less affordable loans, in addition to more and less expensive loans, and it will depend on what type of resource it will be. borrowed and the guarantees offered to the creditor. Now let’s see 5 types of loans and the advantages of each one.


Payroll loan

Payroll loan

Commonly requested by active civil servants, pensioners, employees of private companies or retirees. In this mode, money is available very quickly, usually on the same day or the next business day. How is the guarantee given the payroll margin itself, the risk to the creditor very small, especially in the case of retirees, pensioners or civil servants, and this means that interest rates are very low compared to other modalities. However, isn’t it so simple to renegotiate values ​​precisely because they are linked payroll?


Bank credit lines

It is common for banks to offer credit lines according to the profile and relationship of each customer. Values ​​j  they are pre-approved by the bank and have slightly higher interest rates than the payroll loan, but have minimal bureaucracy. Only it is necessary to formalize the option of obtaining the loan that is automatically available. Often, isn’t it is not even necessary to go agency, and the loan can be obtained through the institution’s internet banking service. 



Bank credit lines

It is one of the most expensive types of loan, as the bank has very little guarantee that the amount will be covered, though already make it available to you see in the extract itself. The amounts are usually not high, but you should avoid it as much as your interest rates are very high and can harm those who have already borrowed money. in the short term.


Revolving credit card

It is the most expensive type of loan for those who take it. Interest can reach 20% per month, depending on the institution, and they are due when you pay. you do not pay your credit card bill in full. If you choose to pay only a part of the total, what difference will it have the incidence of this high interest rate and, in less than 6 months, the initial debt is already Tue more than doubled its value. It is advisable that this credit line is accessed only in an extreme emergency when all other lines are already available. have been exhausted. 



credit cards

Is the pledge also fast, convenient and not bureaucratic. It has attractive interest rates, but limits its value to a part of the pledged object, usually a jewel. One of the main advantages which can be obtained even when the customer has credit restrictions, that is, the pledge can be used to clear his dirty name in the square with low interest and little bureaucracy. However, if you do not recover the pledged asset within the agreed term, you still have to pay additional fees for auction procedures what will happen  So, just ask for it if you want. has a horizon of at most medium-term to recover it.  Of course, nobody dreams of borrowing money, but financial loans are very common and being informed about which ones are the most attractive in terms of interest and fundamental bureaucracy.

Negative loan, know the options!


Generally, when you are going to apply for a loan, the financial institution consults with the credit protection agencies whether or not you have a negative name. If so, two things happen: most finance companies deny credit and those that provide charge higher interest than if you had the name ‘clean’. But it is possible to get a loan for negative and clear your name from the list.

If you are looking to clear your name, you can have two options: the personal loan for negative or the payroll loan. Before you go around looking for borrowed money, be careful not to fall for scams or trust anyone. Always look for a bank. Easy money doesn’t exist!

Loan for negative-personal loan

Loan for negative-personal loan

Banking institutions offer this service to anyone with a dirty name. However, interest rates are higher than normal, due to the increase in the guarantee the bank has on the customer’s payment.

But stay tuned. The greater the number of installments, the greater the interest. But most of the time there is no escape; to clear the name the debt must be paid.

Planning is the most important thing at this time. Freezing spending is necessary. Delaying the loan installments can “open up the hole” in which you find yourself.

Negative Loan – Financial

Negative Loan - Financial

Some finance companies are experts in offering credit to negative customers. In this case, the credit is released only to public servants, retirees or pensioners. Credit can be released easier and up to 24 hours. But interest can come close to 20%.

Negative credit – Payroll loan

Negative credit - Payroll loan

Payroll Loan where the payment of the credit will be linked directly or to the benefit (in the case of retirees or pensioners) or on the Payroll (for Employees or civil servants).

The finance companies, in some cases, accept a house or own car as collateral as well. Look for the best medium for you. Always remember to read the contract well, see the payment terms and consult the Total Effective Cost (CET), which is the amount of the debt together with the fees and interest you will pay until the end of the loan.